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About AxiomCoders


Who Are We?

AxiomCoders is a leading provider of computer software, currently specializing in office and networking software. We are simply the company that creates something different and innovating, taking widely accepted software ideas and adding unique flavor to all of them. By checking our software products you will see how software can be made just for you.

Company Goals

Achieve world renowned status of high quality software makers in multiple software categories. To design and develop only rare, unique and new software solutions. Having all our customers satisfied by providing the best quality that passed our rigorous tests and in case of need providing customers with immediate support are our main goals.

We can praise that we have ultimate team with only one purpose, satisfying your desire for user-friendly software. Our close relations with all users and our all time opened ears for listening user suggestions is the thing that makes us so popular.


AxiomCoders is 100% employee owned company with offices in Europe. Our hardworking employees are mostly telecommuters of different nationalities working from all over the continent. Our company structure is more relaxed, and we give opportunity to all our employees a chance to drive company the best way by accepting variaty of suggestions. AxiomCoders consists of several building box teams, developer teams, quality assurance teams, marketing teams, sales teams and core technology team responsible for innovations. Core Technology team are the guys who will try to invent something new, something easier to be used, and that is our team that successfully kills our competition.


Our software areas of expertise are numerous. We specialize in individual software categories until achieving perfection. Currently our work is focused on reporting software (PDF Reports) and computer network security software (LANProtector).

We are also responsible for creating popular Internet Filter and Internet Monitoring software called Gold Limiter (www.goldlimiter.com) and the software used to limit access to facebook called FB Limiter (www.facebooklimiter.com)

For more details about the company, our software solutions and dedicated customer support, please feel free to contact us directly.